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It’S Ok – Alejandro Sanz

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Letra de It’S Ok

It’s okay, on my song
Baby, all on my own
This is my little song
I like when you sing for me
That beautiful song, what a nice song
That say, oh
It’s okay (oh, wait)
It’s okay
You know, yeah…
Oh, you have my man, oh
My little man, always see my man
My boy
I’ll be there, watching you
Thinking about you
Living for you, baby
Love the way you feel about this
Life, little baby
Oh, singing his first song
It’s okay, yes
Oh, introduction
What a nice voice, baby
It’s okay
I’m always far away
But I’m here, still here
In your mind, like you are in my mind
I’m always in your mind
You’re my life, baby, oh
Little baby, it’s okay
I like you, honestly baby
You know
Oh boy, so free
We style, baby
We styling

Everything is gonna be okay (okay)
Everything is gonna be okay…

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Escucha "It’S Ok"
en Amazon Music Unlimited (ad)

Album: Letras