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Dreams Money Can Buy – Bones (Th@ Kid)

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Letra de Dreams Money Can Buy

I got slacker money, no class money
I want rapper money, I mean cash money
I want Baby and Slim to put out a cash on me and let me bank on the fact that all these rappers phonies
Damn, another song about realness
Like where did hip-hop go, like where is the real shit?
I swear sometimes I want to aim and just kill shit
But what’s a good rap without the laid back, trill shit?
Yeah, and metaphors ’bout angles
And how I see rap like no rapper in the game does
Money never change so the money’s got to change us
But I just want to be the change and pace the change up
So be patient, don’t go changing and chasing waterfalls for the sake of making it rain when you hate it when it rain there
Now you in the club playin’ god bring it downpours down on the dancefloor
You see your whole two change left the billboards
Starting using your face in vain just to see more
Hip and [?], thought nothing could go wrong
When money was at your door like Honey, I am home
You thought you wanted dreams money could buy
But you just wanted all your beats to be forty supply
[?] deflects over you and be part of the ride
Instead you hopped in shotgun and let your label drive, that’s right

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Escucha "Dreams Money Can Buy"
en Amazon Music Unlimited (ad)

Album: Letras