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Legendary – Bones (Th@ Kid)

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Letra de Legendary

Flawless, with my victories
You are now tuned into history
See the day that I go they’ll be missin’ me
See rap bang complete, I am the missing piece
Legendary everything, I touch
Masterpiece every time we fuck
In the graveyard not rolling blunts
First ash to ash and then it’s dust to dust
Haunted house would I sleep inside
Dream catcher full of nightmares
That switchblade with your dreams beside
Wake up and I’m right there
That hand comin’ out them shadows
One pinkie ring and it’s shinin’
That car in front of your house at 4am
That’s me inside it
I be

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Escucha "Legendary"
en Amazon Music Unlimited (ad)

Album: Letras