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Numb – Bones (Th@ Kid)

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Letra de Numb

[Ralph Castelli:]
Where were you, before we met?
I’ve been trying on, the things that you left
Make me feel, like a man
Like a morning, like a morning again
Where were you, were you by yourself?
Oh I just assumed, you were with somebody else
I’m so insecure, nobody knows it but you
I wish I was known, didn’t have to show you
I wish I was known, I wish I was known
I wish I was known, didn’t have to show you

No one to blame, all on myself, and decisions I’ve made
Slipping and falling and crawling away
I’m on the top with nothing to say
My yesterday was the same as today
Without you, with me, blow my brains out
Trip and try to find a way
Life is so clearly played
Blood in my veins, clip in the K
Once I get bangin’ I leave ’em decay
Truly I feel like my mental is chain
Somewhere along the road that I pave
Digging my grave, making my bed
Run over my body and lay in my head

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Escucha "Numb"
en Amazon Music Unlimited (ad)

Album: Letras