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Phantom – Bones (Th@ Kid)

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Letra de Phantom

Sittin’ all alone, I’m off a lotta drugs
Ridin’ on chrome, I’m with a lotta thugs
We don’t want none and that’s a promise to you
See you all alone, you don’t want no problems do ya?
Break it, break it, break it down for ya
Bitches see my blunts and say I’ll break ’em down for ya
Break it, break it, break it down for ya
I got alot of thugs sayin’ I’ll burn the town for ya
Ya’ll stay fly, I’d rather [?] the style
The river in my cup it held the flow just like the Nile
It helps me break it down, it help me get my zone
The phantom of this rap shit, I’m going, going, ghost
Stroll the fuck out, I’m too fuckin’ cash
Velour snow suits, skiing down a mountain of ash
Got a cup full of water, it help me flow like water
I’m drippin’ on the beat, I’m overflowin’ when I’m going
See they all know my name, I’m bangin’ round the globe
They know I’m with the team that sesh ’til I’m gone
That skinny white thug, allergic to givin’ fucks
Don’t like that way I’m rappin’, sorry bitch, you outta luck

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Escucha "Phantom"
en Amazon Music Unlimited (ad)

Album: Letras