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Tonight – Bones (Th@ Kid)

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Letra de Tonight

Phone’s on silent, best friends dialing
Missed calls, pissed off that they missing all this
Driving towards the fame, don’t mind the wait
If there’s traffic, ok I don’t care long it takes
Just as long as I get there, sooner than eventually
Is what the clock keeps telling me when I’m questioning
Hear it in my voice, see it in my eyes
I was made for the fame, I was built for the life
And when my friends go and tell me Keep it pushing
I take it to the limit, and then I push it
Further than I’ve ever gotten before
I’m looking back on the past like where the fuck did you go
Then I snap to reality, future looking bright
Better get your shades on ’fore its out like a light
’Cause people get nervous and they don’t let it surface
They know that once it his the air, everybody ’ready heard it
And now they say you don’t deserve it
But everything up to this moment was for this purpose
Right, because everybody doubts greatness
In the beginning, so bear with me, give me patience
(In the beginning, so bear with me, give me patience)

This is more than just a beat to me, this is time travel
Bring me back to the [?], back roads of Howell
Let me talk, turn the system down
Its 35 outside and all the windows down
You can, feel the breeze, or get lost in it
Run to the flashbacks, hide from the present
Whatever you gonn’ choose, its on you
But when you go missing know that I go there too
’Cause the only thing, that meant anything
Ran from me, left me in the pain
I couldn’t see the light, I could only feel rain
Coming down on my face, baptised in the name
T-H-@ sign K-I-D
Came to be where my past life wasn’t seen
But now its time to make that motherfucker visible
Abracadbra ’till the whole world missing you
’Cause we famous, like I always said
Everything we was wishing became reality check
From the, baggage claims, the layover planes
The seven nights, seven crowds all screaming one name
The joint burns, something like my life
Coming down to the filter, gotta do it tonight
(Gotta do it tonight, uh)

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Escucha "Tonight"
en Amazon Music Unlimited (ad)

Album: Letras