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Addict To The Pain – guccihighwaters

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Letra de Addict To The Pain

Trap myself in the dark to record
Been feeling like the end
Since the day that I was born
We tore apart our emotions
Like, who are you?
I don’t think we’ve ever spoken
16 skatepark I was smokin’
19 same park heart broken
Pale boy red eyes smoke had me choking
But this year I prayed my eyes never opened
Addict to the pain
U can call me gucci
But I’m broke
And ain’t no ice cream on my face
You don’t get the refrence
Google search gucci mane
I don’t want the fuckin fame
I just wanna feel okay
Alright I feel better
I just wanna vent
Cus my thoughts
Keep me tethered
She said ’I don’t love you anymore’
’I think I need something more’
My heart is on your bedroom floor
Its where I left it once before

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Escucha "Addict To The Pain"
en Amazon Music Unlimited (ad)

Album: thorns (2018) Letras