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Never Coming Home – Scruffpuppie

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Letra de Never Coming Home – Scruffpuppie

About a year ago
It was raining here and cold
And my toes were turning blue
And my eyes were getting huge
And i spent every day with u
And everybody knew
Drugs were always running thru
So it didn’t matter who

So i ran away from home
And i went further down the road
I only packed a couple things
It was either u or me

I left my mom a note
And all the things i wrote
Made her cry and cry
She couldn’t get oh why
Why i never could’ve stayed
She called me much too late
And im really fucking scared
But i can’t even care

Cos im never coming home
Ill take the longer road
And im scared to go alone
But im never coming home

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Escucha "Never Coming Home"
en Amazon Music Unlimited (ad)

Album: Letras