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From Fluff To You – The Beatles

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Letra de From Fluff To You


[Paul:] Yes?
[Alan:] Now, listen..
[Paul:] Yes?
[Alan:] Are you singing?
[Paul:] Mmm…
[Alan:] Do you have any particular idol that you’ve ever copied your singing style from?
[John:] What about my book?
[Alan:] John, go away.
[John:] What about my…
[Paul:] Used to be sort of influenced by Elvis in the old days, I think.
[Alan:] Really?
[Paul:] Yeah, used to love him.
[John:] What about my book, then?
[Paul:] Chuck Berry, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, and, eh, Marvin Gaye and things. Can’t really sing like them, you know. I like them, though, love them.
[John:] What about it?
[Alan:] Paul, what about singing ’Till There Was You’?

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Escucha "From Fluff To You"
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Album: Live At The BBC Disk 1 (1994) Letras