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Just A Rumour – The Beatles

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Letra de Just A Rumour


[Alan Freeman:] George, is it true that you’re a connoisseur of the classics?
[George:] No, it’s just a rumour, a rumour.
[Alan:] Just a rumour?
[George:] Hmm.
[Alan:] Did you enjoy singing ’Beethoven’?
[George:] No. Been singing it for 28 years, now, you know.
[Alan:] For how long?
[George:] Twenty-eight years.
[Alan:] That’s incredible. Could you manage one more performance?
[George:] Um, possibly.
[Alan:] Oh, go on, say, ’yes.’
[George:] Yes, thank you.

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Escucha "Just A Rumour"
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Album: Live At The BBC Disk 2 (1994) Letras